Ethics Code

OPC has adopted an ethics code that consolidates the core values regarding its employees and management. The primary goal of the ethics code is to present the group’s values and provide employees and managers with a guide to making informed decisions on appropriate conduct in various work situations. In addition, detailed in the ethics code are specific behavioral guidelines for handling a broad range of topics. It highlights parties to which one can turn for reporting or seeking advice in any case of concern regarding the application of the ethics code. It also specifies the “hotline” details and an email address for anonymous inquiries.

The company’s ethics code stipulates that all employees and managers within the group shall comply with the law and the principles of the ethics code. They shall act in accordance with both legal requirements and principles guiding the company, as well as its policy documents. The ethics code encompasses provisions, guidelines, and directions on a wide range of topics, including compliance with the law, fairness in business, respect for others, prohibition of harassment and discrimination, proper use and preservation of group assets, responsibility, excellence, continuous improvement, commitment to the safety of employees and the community, commitment to various communities in its operational areas, and commitment to the environment.

Company Safety and Quality Policy

OPC is a public electricity company engaged in the initiative, development, establishment, and operation of power stations operating on natural gas, supplying steam to private customers, and producing and providing electricity to private customers and the electricity company. The electricity is produced with maximum energy efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and based on world-advanced technologies, with a professional and experienced workforce.

Consumers of OPC benefit from reliable and trustworthy supply, as well as professional and high-quality services with an emphasis on safety and environmental preservation.

OPC is committed to complying with all legal requirements, working closely with authorities in the field of environmental quality, safety, and regulations to prevent safety and environmental risks in all station activities.

The company is dedicated to continuous improvement through employee training, lessons learned, and process improvement, and as part of its work processes, it promotes internal enforcement programs in the fields of environment and safety.

OPC is committed to identifying environmental impacts, measuring them, and understanding them as a basis for decision-making, including conservation of energy, fuel, water, etc.

For public inquiries regarding environmental issues, please contact:

Ido Mendelson, Safety Manager and Environmental Quality Supervisor | Telephone: 073-2505694 | Cell: 054-9760194 |

Male & Female Workers (Equal Pay) Law

OPC Energy emphasizes equal opportunities and equal employment conditions for all its employees, regardless of gender. As part of the Male and Female Workers (Equal Pay) Law, a comparative analysis was conducted of the salaries of female and male employees who worked in the company during the year 2021. We are pleased to report that, in general, the comparison groups examined showed no salary gaps between women and men in the company.