At OPC, the energy transition is our business.

ESG is a management approach that takes into account various stakeholder views and pushes companies to go beyond what’s required by law. OPC’s business goals and ESG vision are unified, and serve as our North Star. Our integrated approach and comprehensive policies allow us to meet the unique needs of each location, as well as different stakeholders.

Our ESG efforts are focused on the energy transition, and we are proud of our contribution to driving this global shift. OPC will continue to be a leader in the energy transition revolution towards a low carbon economy, and we will continue to supply energy security to our customers and communities in a reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.

We continue to develop and invest in programs to support our employees, and ensure a workplace environment that supports a diversity of ideas, people, and continuous learning. We hold great importance in engaging with our local communities, and support a wide variety of initiatives that address the social and environmental challenges in the regions where we operate.

We are dedicated to continuing these efforts and making a difference through our operations.