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About Us

OPC Energy stands at the forefront of the energy transition revolution in Israel and the United States. We are committed to delivering electricity efficiently, reliably, and in an environmentally friendly manner by integrating solar, wind, and natural gas energy with high efficiency.

OPC is the first and leading private electricity manufacturer in Israel, offering its customers an integrated energy solution that meets all their energy needs by harnessing natural gas and solar energy across the company’s production sites and customer premises. OPC guides its customers through the energy revolution by significantly reducing their carbon footprint. This is made possible through a blend of clean technologies, streamlined central production methods, localized ‘behind the meter’ energy distribution, and effective energy management solutions.

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“OPC is committed to leadings its customers in the emissions revolution. Customers demand the integration of green electricity in their overall power supply”

OPC Energy CEO, Giora Almogi, engages in a conversation with by Maala’s CEO Momo Mahadav, delving into the global Energy Transition and articulating OPC Energy’s vision to drastically reduce the carbon footprint through the electrification of transportation, industry, and households, coupled with the purification of the electricity production system from polluting fuels.